Similarities and Differences

Escape from Warsaw vs. Diary of Anne Frank

Ruth and Mr. Frank: Similarities

One of the main similarities between Ruth from "Escape from Warsaw" and Mr. Frank from "Diary of Anne Frank" is that both are trying to lead a group of people to escape the Nazis. Both also care for their families and are willing to do anything to protect them from the Nazis. Ruth is also very well respected, similar to Mr. Frank.

Ruth and Mr. Frank: Differences

One key difference between Ruth and Mr. Frank is that Mr. Frank is a grown man with children of his own, while Ruth is only a seventeen-year old girl, which makes their ways of solving problems very different. Another difference is that for most of the play, Mr. Frank stays in one spot, which is the secret attic. Ruth, however, has to travel all the way from Poland to Switzerland to be reunited with her parents. One last difference is that Ruth is not Jewish, like Mr. Frank. The reason the Nazis are hunting them down is because her family did not follow the German laws after Germany took over Poland.


Mrs. Frank's anger

In "Diary of Anne Frank", Mrs. Franks gets extremely mad at Mr. Van Daan because she catches him stealing food in the middle of the night. Mrs. Frank, who is usually quiet and calm, starts yelling at Mr. Van Daan about what a horrible father he is and that he should leave the attic. If Mrs. Frank had not lost her temper, than Mr. Van Daan would probably just kept stealing food and keep being selfish. There would be less food in the attic, which also would create a lot of tension between the characters because they would probably all fight over how much everyone gets.