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Life made simple

Life made simple

When it comes to Television, nothing is simpler than IPTV. As well as a super friendly interface it´s capabilities are really rather wonderful. With just an internet connection this tiny little receiver will give you all of your favourite live channels, Catch Up TV, Radio, Movies and OnDemand Box Sets.

Not only is it fantastic value for money, sleek, stylish and easy to use, it will also work anywhere in the world. There is no need to hide your IP address behind a VPN or masking website and as is it is so tiny, it will fit your handbag, guaranteed.

There is really no installation necessary, simply plug the receiver in to an electricity socket, connect it to the TV and connect the internet cable, et voilà! All your favourites at the touch of a button.

Aside from the obvious benefits like no satellite dish on your roof, it works anywhere in the world, it´s plug and play, has no bad weather interference etc, its it also great value for money. With various packages available you can make sure you get the right package to suit you.

The payment options are flexible and we also offer full after sales support via email, telephone and online live chat through the website.

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