Fiction Land News Daily

By: Cory Graves

Kid tries to Steal Woman's Purse.

There was a young boy by the name of Rodger had tried to steal a woman's purse on Sunday afternoon. The lady quickly reacted and held onto her purse. She took Rodger into her home and fed him. When she asked Rodger why he tried to steal from her he said "because I wanted some blue suede shoes". She said that she taught him a lesson about stealing and gave him money for the shoes.

Lady's Cousin died in Vietnam War

Their was a lady painting a picture for her cousin who had died as a solider in the Vietnam War. She painted the picture on a brick wall that had belonged to some children who didn't want her painting the picture on their wall. The cousin was a close friend to this children.

Dear David

Dear David, I am having trouble asking out a girl in my grade. I always try to impress her in my Language class. I watch her walk gracefully down the hallway and admire how she walks. Can you give me any advice for asking her out,

Lost in Seventh Grade.

Dear Lost,

I do have some advice, I think you should suck it up and ask her out, and I also think you should stop watching her gracefully walk down the hallway!

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There is going to be a boxing fight this Saturday night between two best friends named Antonio and Felix. They are fighting for the Lightweight championship belt. They usually train for the fights together but now they went their seperate ways.

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