Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

An Endangered Species!

The Glaucomys sabrinus

The Glaucomys sabrinus or the Carolina Northern Flying squirrel is an endangered species. They are found mostly in the mountain region of North Carolina. It is endangered for some of these many reasons, habitat destruction and fragmentation or other alterations associated with the clearing of forests, introduction of exotic pests, recreational and residential development, and pollution.

How are we protecting the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel?

Part of the recovery steps to help the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel are:

1. Survey for new populations and monitor known populations.

2. Study habitat requirements.

3. Study diet, interactions with other squirrels and genetics.

4. Study effects of venous land use practices (mining, logging, recreation).

5. Ensure implementation of appropriate habitat management guidelines, based on results of 1 -3. (This would include periodic monitoring, even following de-listing.)