Get Your Style FIX!

$200 of Samples for $69

Yep....$200 of Samples for $69 and 50% off The Holiday Collection!

Hey all!

Public Service Announcement from me!!!

Did you know that if you sell $500 (retail) by the end of the day, September 30th, you will earn yourself a StyleFix Pass? That's $200 in new jewelry for just $69 out of your own pocket. Yes! Seriously!!! You earn a Style Fix by selling $500 TOTAL between July, August & September. So you might only need a few $100. Look under REPORTS/My Monthly Rewards in the Lounge to see EXACTLY where you are and where you need to be.

And, you're really close! I know because I looked at your reports. Yup. I can do that! ;-)

No trunk shows between now and then? No problem!

  • You have plenty of time to schedule a trunk show by the 30th! You really do! All it takes is you, your samples and 6-10 women in a room with a bottle of wine ;-) Leverage our Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique and the Resilience Bracelet as motivation to do it now!

  • You could also simply wear and share your style! Sell on the go and collect some outside orders. Someone loves what you're wearing, let her know she can have it to! Warm up 10 friends/contacts with an image from the new line letting them know how gorgeous they'd look in that particular piece. Follow up with a phone call to take their order!

  • Loan out your jewels to a friend who works in an office or school -- somewhere there are lots of women in a captured environment. Encourage her to collect 4 orders totaling $500. You earn the StyleFix pass and she earns hostess rewards totaling $100 and 3 half off items! It's a win/win all around!!!!

  • Log onto the team page....I am going to do a lot of fun flash blitzes to help you get your outside orders needed to get THAT FIX!

I urge you...DO NOT leave that Stylefix Pass on the table!!!! Because, well, ...THIS:

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