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We strive to enlighten educators aspiring to effectively use technology in the classroom.
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Volume 2, Issue 5 (17-18)

In this edition...

Students Tackle Robot Coding Challenge

Students at three Denver schools recently tackled a Makerspace coding challenge. Learn how you can challenge your own students with Sphero robots or many other Makerspace challenges.

Schoology Corner

Teachers all around DPS are beginning to use Schoology with their students and see the power of how it can save time, and deliver content seamlessly. Check out this video of one of our DPS teachers, a self-proclaimed “low-tech” user, to see how she transformed her teaching practice using Schoology this year!

Make Google Drive Versatile with Chrome Apps

Do you need to create PDFs? Edit videos? Make a mind map? Record audio? Did you know you can do all of these things within Google Drive? All you need is the right Chrome App for the job!

Check out this visual from to learn what Chrome Apps can do for you, and please call Ed Tech if you'd like our team to help you explore the possibilities.

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