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Design Thinking

"Make thinking visible"

Essential Question:

How might my classroom be redesigned to better meet the needs of my students, and prepare them to meet the needs of our world?

Start by:
  • Teaching students to empathize
  • Define a real world problem
  • Look for solutions:
"Who needs to what because why?"
  • Ideate
"Fail early and fail often"
  • Prototype
  • Test

Check out this Design Thinking Video for more information.

“In our modern world, learning seems useless unless it prepares students to be creative” - Ben Schneiderman

Inquiring Instructors Blog

Don't forget to check out, and follow the Inquiring Instructors blog, for a look at what is happening across the district with inquiry in the classroom. Bridget and I will continue to share what teachers are doing K-12 to develop questioning, critical thinking, and creativity in our students.