Using an ATM

By Aileen Cortez

Possible transactions

Withdrawals are the common use of an ATM. To do this, you simply indicate how much you would like to take out of your account.

Deposits are use for putting in cash or checks to your account.

Balancing inquiries means knowing or finding out how much you have in your bank account.

Transfers and payments are for allowing you to use the money in your bank account without taking it out for personal payments or transfers. (May only be available in some banks)

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Fees that can result

When using an ATM not affiliated with your bank, you will most likely have to pay a fee.

ATMs show the fee and give you the option of backing out of the transaction. To avoid fees, it's always best to use an ATM affiliated with your bank.

Creating a Pin Number

When creating a pin number try something you can remember. You're pin number is ultimately a password that needs to stay a secret. There are many hackers out there just waiting for the opportunity to get in to an account. Using numbers you can remember will be easier for you to access. Perhaps using a granparent's birthday is something you can remember. Do not choose something predictable. Be smart!
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