Update Week 7 Term 4

The End is Near!

Here's what we'd like to be accomplished before SDD this term

8 Statics- these contain Stage appropriate content grouped under concepts

Each Static to have a Learning Intention Statement, jointly constructed at Stage Planning Days

Selected indicators from Literacy Continuum- choose from Comprehension, Vocab, Writing, Aspects of Speaking. You might also use Reading Texts.

Continue working on your Text Sets. Where possible these should use existing AL Texts somewhere in your unit.


Edmodo is a great platform for uploading documents.

Please check in often.

Save things under you Stage. eg ES1

Please join

You'll find a link today for your Stage, I've tried to search for additional texts. Remember LiteracyShed, it has beautiful multi-modal texts.

I've been trying to make us a document linking some of these to unit directions. Still a work in progress.