Alcatraz Weekly

Staff Meeting Notes - 21 August 2013

Weekly Discussion Topics

Bridge Nominations: Deadline is coming up. Nancy, John, and Carla are all working on nominations.

Refrigerator: Refrigerator was unplugged yesterday for a meeting. It was pushed out from the wall to remind us to plug it back in. Unfortunately, it was not plugged back in until today. Hopefully this did not ruin anyone’s food.

Paint Project: Marcus needs help finding historic photos of “lines” drawn out on the ground on Alcatraz. This is to start a repainting project. Laura to help find the photos to support repainting.

SPUG/Ambulance Key: Because of misplaced keys, the SPUG truck keys will from now on be located n the window mounted lock box of the vehicle. Ask a ranger for the lockbox combination.

Weekly Safety Message

Thank you to Cortney for the quick response to yesterday’s bee sting incident. A reminder that first aid items such as ice, glucose, etc are on the shelf in the dock office. Band-aids are in the drawer. Do not take first aid items out of the gurney EMS bag. That bag needs to be available and stocked for emergencies only.

Visitor Comments

7/11/13 “We enjoyed the ferry ride and the guest speaker about Al Capone. The gift shop was nice and offered a wide variety of items. Great trip!”

8/11/13 “Mandatory briefing is a patronising repetition of the on board announcement, had I known that the same material was mandatory on arrival I could have viewed the bay rather than your announcement - extremely poor customer service ”

8/13/13 “My son and I took the trip to Alcatraz on 8/13. On the ride back the boat was rather crowded. My son had some nachos to eat and all the tables and seats were taken. We ended up standing next to 2 tables that were full of employees that were leaving the island. That was the first thing that I felt was rude the staff seating and not the visitors. My son ended up sitting on the floor to eat next to the tables full of staff. When the boat came in to dock all the staff members that were sitting at the tables got up and rushed for the door to exit and walked over my son like he wasn't even there. They knocked him and didn't even say sorry. When the door opened it was like a herd of wild animals. I found these employees to very rude and they left a bad impression on how the staff really is. ”

8/16/13 Brought two friends from England on my first visit to Alcatrez. It was foggy, and damp (August) but a great visit. In particular we enjoyed to tour by Ranger Benny, and the audio tour was great as well.

Okay, the flies are a bit much, and a bird pooped on the lady next to us in the line to return to San Francisco. But otherwise, truly great. My friends made me promise to send a message saying this, and I was happy to do so.

8/18/13 “Did the tour with Mike I think, the self professed bird man of Alcatraz. It was excellent!, very informative. He was great. The audio tour is a must. really enjoyed the whole experience. You cant visit The Bay Area and not do it. Thank-you”

Upcoming Leave (Annual, Sick, Off-Site Training)

24 August Benny AL

26 -30 August John AL

25-29 August Casler AL

4-6 Sept Marcus AL

6-9 Oct Nancy AL

18-31 Dec Marcus AL

Calendar of Events

8/21/13 SHRO VIP Tour. Liz Vigal. Carla.

8/22/13 Accessibility Training. 2:45 to 5:45.

8/22/13 Bldg. 201 (1:30-3:30) – All employees meeting

8/25/13 Last day Ranger Dan.

8/25/13 VIP Tour at 1:30. Quatar. NEED a RANGER. Contact is Schariss 415-773-6167.

8/26/12 Kelly starts full time on night shift.

8/28/13 Table of Voice and Restorative Justice displays coming down.

8/28/13 50th anniversary of The March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech with “Let Freedom Ring” bell-ringing events at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Programs for the day to have 1 minute of silence at either 12:00 or 3:00 pm.

8/29/13 Installation of Water Color Exhibit. Shelagh.

8/25/13 VIP Tour at 1:30. Quatar. NEED a RANGER. Contact is Schariss 415-773-6167,

8/29/13 Facilitated Dialogue Training: Carla , Wendy, Benny, Marcus. Lori only ranger on the island. Looking for volunteers to help on this day.

9/4/13 SPUG Training 10-11. George Durgerian coming to the island.

9/5/13 VIP tix set up for Whiskeytown Donors: Mr. and Mrs. Cash + 1. No VIP tour needed.

9/27/13 Outreach Ranger Truck at Hyatt. Shelagh, Tori. Carla.

9/28/13 Friends of Civil War – Living History Day.

10/1/13 RESCHEDULED Garden Conservancy Exhibit event. Need 2 Rangers for evening program 6-9 pm.

10/10/13 AZ Work Day (Maintenance)

10/14/13 WJE will be doing another annual monitoring of the rate of deterioration on the Cell house walls.

10/14/13 Sunrise Ceremony

10/21/13 Winter Schedule Starts

10/22-25/13 Interpreting Critical Issues Using Civic Engagement & Facilitated Dialogue Techniques-- This classroom course focuses on the front-line interpreter’s role as a facilitator of dialogue and discussion, and a range of ways to incorporate these techniques into new and existing park programming. Lori

10/26/13 Alcatraz 40th Anniversary Event – Former Rangers on the island to reminisce. John Cantwell/John Martini.

11/1/13 University of San Francisco Eco-Tourism Students with Dr. Pavlίna Látková, Ph.D. Lead: Marcus.

11/2/13 Alcatraz Junior Ranger Day.

11/9/13 Alcatraz Junior Ranger Day.

11/14/13 Joint NPS/PC Staff Retreat. Location: SAFR. 9 Am – 3 Pm. Potential Topics include:

- How do we talk about Native Americans and the occupation?

- How do we make our behind the scenes tours more consistent?

- Methods of working with youth.

- How do we reach out to underserved communities?

- What are good ways of using humor to address sensitive or controversial topics?

11/19-20 Operational Leadership Training.

11/20/13 All Supervisors Mtgs 1-3 pm

11/28/13 Thanksgiving Sunrise Ceremony

2/2014 Health and Safety Week.

3/28-29/14 Bio-Blitz. All hands on deck to help out throughout the park.

Exhibit Calendar

Exhibit Calendar (*Approved by Arts in the Parks Committee)

Band Room:

2/15 – 8/28 Restorative Justice Comic and Table of Voices

8/28 - 12/31 Flower Painting Display*

2/14 – 8/14 Tentative: San Quentin Prison Arts Project*

5/15 – 9/15 Tentative: Community Works West*

New Industries:

3/21/13 - 3/20/14 Anniversary of Prison Closing Exhibit

7/15 – 12/15 Tentative: Prisoners of Age* by Ron Levine

Bldg 64 Casemates:

4/28 - ? Native Nationalism and Red Power: Historicizing the 1969 Alcatraz Occupation venue: Building 64/Theater/China Alley AZ lead: Teresa

Other Proposed Exhibits

Fall 2015 Proposed: We Players "Hamlet".

10/14 – 4/15 Proposed International exhibit. Various locations around the island.

Date TBD California College of the Arts Graduate Seminar. Artists on island at various time. Exhibits at various locations at end of Graduate Seminar. Lead: Patrick Gillespie.


Closures (Updated 7/22/13): Off limits areas include: Cell House Roof, Citadel, QM Lower Level, Bldg 64. Upper floors, area past cable by power house. All Bird Closure Areas including Agave trail, parade ground.

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