The Underground Railroad

Obtain your Freedom, Steps to Success

To: Individuals Seeking Freedom

Make sure to follow the instructions in order to reach freedom. Pay attention to specific routes, symbols, sounds, and key Individuals if you come across any of them on your journey!

The leaders are helping us become free even though their risking their own lives. BE CAREFUL on the travel and may you reach a safe place wherever it may be.

Freedom is a fight that will always be well deserving...

Instructions to Freedom

1. You started in Montgomery, Alabama in the black belt region and you want to escape from the plantation and break out of "peculiar institution". You want to live a life filled with opportunity and success. You are tired of your overseer flogging with the whip for no apparent reason and giving no respect to all the workers and calling you harsh names like "darkies". You just do not want to die a slave. However, you have heard the stories of Both Denmark Vessey in South Carolina and Nat Turner in Virginia uprising against the white folks and getting killed in the end. But for ultimate freedom you have to make the choice and if so, you are going to travel the long and dangerous journey called the Underground Railroad. You may have heard about it but it requires you to let strangers guide you on the correct path regardless if they are black and white. You have to trust yourself and travel through unfamiliar land but there are signs and symbols that will make your journey easier.

2. Your first task is to leave your house at night. When all the owners in the "Big House" are asleep. Look at the stars and whichever points North follow run towards. As the day begins to shine look for the birds migrating to follow their path. The goal is to get to the Ohio River Valley because thats where your first station will be. If you find your way out of Kentucky you know your close. You will find assistance at the River.

  • Remember if you are caught you will face death therefore be extremely cautious when traveling and avoid being obvious when traveling
  • If you hear dogs find a nearby river or stream to hide your scent and find shelter to disguise yourself
  • Remember run during the night and hide during the day!

3. When you approach a river you know thats the Ohio the divide between North and South and between free states and slave states. Wait patiently because someone will assist you to cross the river. Just be prepared at any time. Hide while waiting to keep from getting caught.

4. You will cross the river by boat. Once you cross there will be a safe house that will have the sign of a light to signify that the travel is safe. Once you enter the house you will eat and sleep in a barn or a place hidden. John Rankin's house is in Ripley, Ohio where you will probably be located.

  • The safe house owners may be black or white. DO not FEAR them they are helping us to freedom
  • Remember to be polite and quiet because they are risking their lives for your safety as they can get fines for helping us during the travel.

5. Finally, you will continue your journey running, hiding and taking disguises but you will arrive in the North in cities that will suit you as a free slave. In order to get to Cleveland, Ohio you will take a train and get to your final destination.You will observe other free slaves in the city as well as white with great industries and unlike the countryside. However, you freedom awaits. If you feel the need to keep traveling there will be a boat that travels to Lake Erie fro an escape to Canada. Enjoy your life as a free slave and keep the word spreading.

Important Individuals to look out for on the travel through the Underground Railroad

Slave Spiritual Story- Wade in the Water

Listen for Wade in the Water- A popular spiritual song that was sung on the travel to the North