Stephen Hawking

By: Jack Witmer & Jeremy Heath

Stephen's Challenges

Stephen has a massive case of ALS. This problem has not held Stephen back from any accomplishments. When Stephen was diagnosed with ALS his doctors predicted him two years to live. This disease caused him to loose his facial components but none of his mind or brain. He lost the ability to talk and comunicate and also to move.

Stephen's Early Life

Stephen grew up in a non-wealthy family. When Stephen was growing up in Engand they were facing WWII. Both of his parents were Oxford graduates which later led to Stephens appearance at Oxford. Hawkings was diagnosed at the age of 21 with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Stephen's Legacy

Stephen was awarded the nickname "The Holy Grail Of Physics".He has accomplished many mind blowing facts in the scientific community. Most surprising that he's done all of this with a disease that robbed him of speech and mobility.

Stephen's Sucesses

Stephen is known for his brilliant work on black holes.Hawking became a member of the institute of anatomy at the University of Cambridge.He also wrote a best sell "A Brief History In Time". An achievement of his is using the equalizer which is an adaptive communication system. Which allows him to communicate his scientific theories and thoughts.


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