Us VS. Amazon

Gabi Baca, Shivangi Nigam, Jessie Roller

List of Items:

- Blanket

- Handgun

- Matches

- Clothes

- Machete

- First Aid Kit

- Tap

- Thermos

- Fire Fuel

- Tent

Our Group


  • Hates outdoors
  • Problem Solver
  • Creative

  • Adventurous
  • Kind- hearted
  • Outdoor Person

  • Likes Archery
  • Arts
  • Acting

Questions- Food

What are potential food sources in the jungle?

Animals, berries, plants, and sap from trees.

What is safe to eat and what is poisonous?

Common sense, if it looks bad don't eat it. Only eat plants if you KNOW what it is. If you find an animal dead, don't eat it.

What would you need to get your food?

Machete and a gun to hunt animals. And we have a tap to get sap from trees.


Some of the daily struggles we face involve, harsh climate, because it gets very hot and humid in the jungle. Aslo, there are many rough hills to be climbed. We solve these few problems with using hiking sticks and using our resources usefully. Ways that we found civilization is by using trails, finding small shacks, and water sources. When we got seperated at one point we used a special call and shouted at the top of our lungs. We also left trails for each other and carved things in trees.

The End of the Trek

At the end of the journey we ended up finding a small shack with an elderly husband and wife. The place was nudged between two trees and you wouldn't have seen it if you had just scanned the area. They had a radio system that just barely worked and we were able to get connection for just long enough to call for help. Within three days we were on a boat back to our home land.