A new puppy, A whole new world

Home sweet home!

2 days since we got Reagan. I'm glad we got her, the family that where going to get her, the son just got allergic to dog so she was very depressed when we saw her, it was her or a small dog, dad didn't want a small puppy so we pick her. we got her Saturday December 27th 2013 she was happy to see us, mom and I sweaty from basketball camp (1hour and 30 minutes). Reagan just had a bath. On the way home, she slept like a sloth.

Big, Bigger, THE Biggest

Dogs will grow up you can't change it, promise! But there is a solution Savor your moments with your puppy. make sure you make that Doggie happy while you can because if it has Puppies they will be very "nippy"


Puppies sleep most of their day. 3/4 of their day is nap time. The best way to play with your pup is a full rested pup. we wear Reagan out so much of the day she wines at 1 A.M. just to go "potty". couple days ago Mom got Reagan a bed, when we watch movies she would sleep in the bed. she also sleeps in the bed for naps.

Peeing problems

Reagan is still a puppy, so she will have peeing problems. One thing you should k now about puppies is the pee and poo on the floor, carpet, and furniture. so get the cleaner for the carpet cause they will pee on the carpet even when you just took her outside. Another thing you should about puppies is as soon as they pee or poo 2 minutes later they forgotten about what they did. So don't yell at them for something they forgotten.

Nom Nom

Dogs chew, believe it they will chew everything in the House the wooden table, the couch cushions, Everything! But when they do give them a doggie toy, and say No that's not yours, we only bite our food and our toys, it's really easy for a dog to eat the wood or chew up the couch. Mostly it's boredom, Give the poor thing some toys or(and) Bones made for dogs.