Key Stage 3 Science Exams

All year 8 students are taking their End of Year exam on Monday 1st July, during science lesson time. Please see your individual teacher for revision tips.

All year 7 will be sitting their End of Year exam on Wednesday 3rd July during science lesson time. Please see your individual teacher for revision tips.

Thank you

The Science Team


1. Hancock won and became the first film to watch in our new Film Club - come and watch a film every Friday lunch time and Friday after school.

2. Monday lunch time is the Cool Quiz time! Learn new words and win a sweet! :)

3. The Yardstick Festival is on June 27-30 2013 - it's about "Celebrating the best in contemporary black writing". On Thursday 28 June two authors, Warsan Shire and Chioma Okereke, will be visiting us. If you would like to be invited please talk to Helen or Magda.

4. Please bring in your overdue books. We will give you 1 Vivo per return book! :)

5. Come to the Discovery to read, study, do homework, play chess, do origami, watch a film, do a quiz - we are here for you!

6. Words to remember:

A) lout

A lout is a clumsy, awkward oaf.

If you call someone a lout today, you're also implying that he's not only stupid and clumsy, but that he's no good.

Lout is almost never used for women, because the word has an implication of being bad to women — not abusive so much as selfish.

B) saunter

To saunter is to stroll at a leisurely pace. World Sauntering Day is celebrated on the 19th of June each year. So, enjoy your life.

C) moiety

A moiety is one of two equal parts.

One moiety plus one moiety equals a whole.

In anthropology, moiety is used to describe one of two distinct groups of a tribe.

Moiety can also mean "a part" in general - Shakespeare used it in Antony and Cleopatra:

"The death of Antony / Is not a single doom; in the name lay / A moiety of the world."

D) feigned

"Not genuine," like your feigned interest in your friends' discussion of celebrity hairstyle trends.

The word feigned, pronounce "faynd," comes from the Old French word feign, "pretend, imitate”.

You act like you care but you really don't.

“Baba nodded and gave a thin smile that conveyed little more than feigned interest.” Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner,"



Discovery Centre Assistant

City Academy Bristol

Currently reading Where the Devil Can't Go by Anya Lipska.

Just finished The Detour by Gerbrand Bakker - an intriguing book!

Reading slowly The Innovative School Librarian. Thinking Outside the Box by Sharon Markless (Editor)


Singer needed to front the rock/pop band that rehearse on Tuesday after school? Boys and grils both welcome, must like mainly rock and a bit of pop music.

Plesae see Ms Green in Music if your interested!


Please remind your students that they will all be fitted with a blazer on Wednesday on their allocated time.