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Camey Elementary - February 2017

Misconceptions Concerning Dyslexia

  • "Writing letters and words backwards are symptoms of dyslexia." - This is common in the early stages of reading.
  • "Reading disabilities are caused by visual perception problems." - Dyslexia is best characterized as a problem with language processing at the phoneme level, not a problem with visual processing.
  • "If you just give them enough time, children will outgrow dyslexia." - Students need help to correct current reading struggles and to prevent reading problems in the future.
  • "More boys than girls have dyslexia." - Just as many girls as boys are identified.
  • "Dyslexia only affects people who speak English." - Dyslexia occurs in all cultures and languages with written language.
  • "People with dyslexia will benefit from colored text overlays or lenses." - There is no strong research evidence that intervention using colored overlays or special lenses has any effect on the word reading or comprehension of children with dyslexia (American Optometric Association, 2004; Iovino, Fletcher, Breitmeyer, & Foorman, 1998).
  • "A person with dyslexia can never learn to read." - Intensive instruction can help!

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Resources Available in Room #405

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37 Ways to Help Kids Learn to Love Reading from

  • Choice: Engage students with the chance to pick what they want to read! Reading inventories and getting to know your students help
  • Availability: Have reading materials available for students to read at school and take home.
  • Safety & Support: Make sure that students feel safe and confident while reading. "Just right books" and book buddies can help!
  • Creativity: Allow students to creatively express what they read through choice of projects, technology applications, etc.

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"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go!" Dr. Seuss