Welcome to The Mountain


Entering a new school can be overwhelming, especially entering high school. In this newsletter, we are going to try and answer as many of your questions as we can so you can come in on the first day (August 16th) feeling ready and confident. On behalf of all of the teachers and staff here at Mountain Range, I want to welcome you to The Mountain.

Mrs. Hansen, Principal

Want to play a fall sport?

The sports that are played in the fall are football, softball, boys tennis, cross country, gymnastics, volleyball, and boys soccer. You must sign up to play these sports and there is a registration fee. You must also have a current physical to be able to play.

If you want to play boys golf, registration will open on July 18th and the first day of practice is August 1st.

If you want to play any other sport mentioned above, registration opens July 25th and the first day of practice is August 8th. Click here for more information on all of our sports.

If you have questions, please contact our new athletic director, Mr. Zappia at Tyler.A.Zappia@adams12.org

School ID & School Pictures

In high school, your school ID must be with you at all times while you are on campus. It is also your way to get into the building throughout the day. Your ID photo will also be your school photo. We will take school pictures the first week of school. Freshman (9th graders) will take photos on Thursday, August 18th. You will do this through your English class. It is important that you let your parents know in case they want school pictures for the year (we only do them once a year). Here is a flyer to share with your parents.


If you are wondering if you are eligible for district transportation, check out this link where you can find out all information on buses. You can also call them directly for questions at 720-972-4300.


You should have your district issued chromebook from last year. If you do not, we will check you one out on the day of pictures (August 18th). If you have one from middle school, but it is no longer working, you will need a new one issued to you. If you would like to do this before school starts, please contact Mr. Jonathan Valdez at 720-972-6276.

Bell Schedule

Below is the high school bell schedule.
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Academic Support (Wednesday Mornings)

Academic Support is an opportunity for students to meet with teachers in order to make up work and receive additional assistance. All teachers are available to meet with students during Academic Support. Teachers will share meeting locations with students during the 1st week of class. Academic Support takes place on Wednesdays from 7:40 a.m. - 8:20 a.m. Academic Support will begin on Wednesday, August 24th.


This year we are trying something new at MR. We will have a freshman lunch period, which will be 4th hour. We plan to use this time to inform you of school information as well as a time for us to help with the transition to high school. If you are a freshman that didn't get this lunch hour due to a scheduling conflict, don't worry, we will make sure you still get all of the information.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Unfortunately, breakfast and lunch will not be free for all students this year. If you are someone who needs to apply for free/reduced lunch, please have your parent or guardian check out this website.

Freshman Academy

This Freshman only program is new to Mountain Range, as the result of the Youth Connections Grant, and will focus on teaching a range of skills that will help our new 9th grade students acclimate to their new 'life on the mountain' and begin their high school journey successfully. Freshman Academy will take place during 4th hour lunch. Mountain Range Staff will be guiding students and teaching them skills that will help them build the foundation towards being successful 21st century learners, and working towards their academic and personal goals. More important details will be shared with families and students as structure and curriculum are finalized during beginning of the year planning time.

School Handbook

We have a school handbook that is very extensive and can likely answer any question you may have regarding rules and procedures. Here is the link to the school handbook. (There are still updates in progress for 22-23, but it will be finished soon.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will we have lockers?

All freshman will be assigned a locker. If your parents do online check-in, you will be able to see it on your schedule on August 5th in infinite campus. Here is the link to do online check-in. At MR, you are allowed to take backpacks to class, but it is nice to have a locker to put your stuff in.

What will happen on the first day?

The first day of school for freshman is Tuesday, August 16, 2022. On this day, it will be freshman only, but we will have several upperclassmen help out. You will get to meet your Link Leader. You will get to know a few new faces, play some games, have some fun, get to know the school, see your classrooms, be introduced to lots of staff members and make some connections to the Mountain and it’s students, faculty and staff. That day will also have a modified schedule, so you will be release from school at 1:00 pm.

Will I be able to change my schedule if I don't like it?

Schedule changes will only be made for one of the following reasons:

    • Having failed or not taken a prerequisite course.

    • Having previously earned credit in the same class.

    • Having an incomplete schedule with more than a lunch period and one off hour.

    • Not having an English, math, science or social studies course on their schedule (this does not necessarily apply to seniors).

Schedules will not be modified for a particular teacher, lunch hour, or off-period request. If you need to request a schedule change, please contact your counselor. You can locate your counselor below. You will identify your counselor by the letter of your last name!

What do I need to know for Incoming Students who are on IEP's or 504's?

If you are currently on an IEP (Special Education) or a 504 plan for a health condition, your current IEP/504 will be received by Mountain Range Registrar/Support Staff during enrollment. SSS Support staff or counselors will ensure students teachers have access to these plans before the first day of instruction. For student's on IEP's, your schedule will be built based on the documented services on your most recent 8th grade IEP. Your new case manager will be reaching out via phone or email to introduce themselves during the first week back and answer any questions you may have.

What supplies do I need for my classes?

We have a general list of supplies for those that like to get a head start on shopping. Some teachers may have specific items that you will need for their class. They will let you know this the first week of school. For a list of school supplies by course, click here (This is for 21-22, but we anticipate few changes. Please check back later before purshasing closer to the first day for updates).

What will I do if I play a sport and have to leave early for a game?

In some sports, student have to leave early to ride the bus to an away game. If this is the case, your coach will let you know what time you get out of class, they send an email to all teachers letting them know, and your absence will be excused. However, this does not excuse you from the work. You will be required to make up the work ASAP. For more information on the make-up policy, check out the MR student handbook.

Are CP/AP classes harder then regular classes?

Great question. The best way to describe it is generally the pace of the CP/AP courses will be a bit faster, so not necessarily more difficult content in terms of understanding the material, just less time, perhaps, to process the content in class. There might be a little more outside of class reading but really it depends on the teacher and the content.

Still have question that you would like answered?

If you have a question and can't find the answer to it, please take a moment to fill out this form and we will get back to you with an answer.