animal farm

James covington


Boxer is hard working. he works hard on all of the jobs that he has to do and does extra jobs to help out around the farm. he is the strongest animal on the farm. he works so hard on every thing so he can feel achived when he retires. Boxer is also a go geater he works above every one else and does his jobs right with out slacking off. he does what he want when he wants because he works hard all day and is also stronger then any one else on the farm.

power corupts eventualy

after the revoultion the pigs take power on manor farm, at first every thing was fine and getting better. but after a while the pigs power went to there heads. napoleon took power and became the leader of the pigs and animal farm. then napoleon ran snowball off the farm because snowball was a threat to him because snowball had different views on how things should be on animal farm, later on napoleon made every one sing a song about him called comrade napoleon.

Battle of cowshed

The Battle of cowshed was when jones and the neighboring farmers attacked animal farm. snowball lead the animal into battle, were they fought off Jones for the last time. It was a huge event because it showed that animal farm wasn't just a bunch of mindless animals. Animal farm made a name for there self and scared Jones off for good.

Beast of England

The Beast of England was the symbol of the revoltion. The animals soung the song before the revoltion, it made the animals feel patrotic about them selfs and to hate Jones. later in the novel napoleon bans the Beast of England from being soung, because it could make them start a new revoltion against napoleon. Then the song was later forgotin and wasn't heard again.