Avoiding Online Scams

The easier our life, The easier to steal

As we get more into the technology age, stealing money, personality is become easier everyday. More and more things are become online, bank accounts, insurance. Thieves now can now steal your identity while sitting at home in their pajamas.

Scams come in many types of forms, phone, email, postal mail, and now internet.

Here are the most common types of frauds online;

-Free Trial Offer

A majority of the time it isn't a free trial, in the fine fine print, which no one seems to read, it adds a price that you would pay monthly, and since they have your credit card they can keep taking money.

-"Click this link"

Anything that says that is probably not the most reliable thing out there. What normally happens is when you click the link a virus would pop into your device and try to find any information

-Your device has a virus, click here to get help

In a way it's kind of ironic, this is supposed to "help" you get rid or your virus when in reality it will give you the virus. This normal wipes clean your whole computer, and takes any info on your computer

Scam No More

Luckily as thieves gotten smarter so have the rest of the online users, so here are simple ways to avoided scam,

-Do not send money to some one you don't know

-Wiring Money = Sending Cash

-If a websites has a bunch of pop ups, be careful

-Be smart online if it looks suspicious just don't do it