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May 2, 2016

SAVE THE DATE! Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 4th - Kindergarten Mother's Tea-

1:30 p.m. in the HPAC - All Kindergarten Mothers welcome!

Tuesday, May 10th - Kindergarten Trip To Olvera Street In Downtown Los Angeles - Taking the metro and leaving at 8:30 AM


We are excited about our upcoming Mother's Tea event this Wednesday, May 4th. All moms or special guests will meet at the chapel by 1:30 PM for a blessing. We will then proceed to the HPAC for our tea party where we will be serving tea sandwiches, scones, fruits and refreshments. If you are unable to make it to this event, please inform your child's teacher who will be attending on your behalf.

Those who would like to volunteer to help set up (Dads are great too!) for the Mother's Tea will need to be at MJS by 12:45 PM.


We would like to express our gratitude to all the parent volunteers who helped during the Noah's Ark Play. It was a great success and we couldn't have done it without all your support and assistance!

If you would like to see more pictures from the play, click here.


Sofia Linares/May 6th - Mrs. Heupler's class

Paxton Enerson/May 19th - Mrs. Agundez's class

Kaya Racine/May 22nd - Mrs. Hale's class
James Milhaly/May 23rd - Mrs. Hale's class

Kathleen McBride/May 25th - Mrs. Hale's class


Language Arts - Last week we just started working with the letter Zz and we will continue throughout the week.

Math - We will be starting a new unit this week about analyzing, comparing and composing shapes.


Last week, we discussed the gospel's message of experiencing God's love in our lives and the gift of peace that only Christ can give. Jesus also promises to send the Holy Spirit who will guide the Church for all time. We discussed ways of how God gives us peace when we are worried about things and how we can spread peace both in school and at home.

A Kindergartner's prayer inspired by our Noah's Ark play:

"Lord, thank you for the rainbows. They are so beautiful."

- Frederik Larsen


Studio MJS Benefit is happening this Saturday, May 7th! Click here for some exciting updates.

Click here for additional information on the 8th Annual Recycle & Read event happening this month.


For more pictures, log on to https://mustangsclassof2024.shutterfly.com