Folk Tales

I'll tale you what folks

Folktale Definition

Folktales: Are narrative stories that teach you a moral or lesson.

Common Themes

Common Themes in FolkTales Are:

  • Fear Of Losing Something

  • Good And Evil

  • Good Being Triumphant Over Evil

Characters + Characteristics In Folktales

  • Fictional characters such as: a fairy, wizard, or any disregard to common realistic beliefs.
  • Folktales were originally an oral story before they were written down.

  • Most Characteristics Include: Greed

  • Love

  • And Sometimes Hatred

Ye Old FolkTale Stories

FolkTale Stories With The Author Are:

  • Three Billy Goats Gruff, Retold By: Paul Galdone

  • The Little Brown Jay, Retold By:Elizabeth Claire

  • The Little Red Hen, Retold By: Paul Galdone