The Juan Times

January 31, 1925

Al Capone Public Enemy No.1

If you can manage to tell the police where to find Capone and if police arrest Al Capone, your reward will be $25,000. Please contact the police immediately if you find any sign of Capone."People can sleep better during the night because WE WILL CAPTURE AL CAPONE AND STOP HIS CRIMES."- The Head Sheriff said last night during his gathering. So we can all be hopeful that Al Capone will be captured and that we can all sleep safe-and-sound.
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Interview with Capone

Me: (In a scared and stammering tone) W-Why did y-you start crime w-was it because of your childhood?

Capone: Well... yes and no.

Me: W-What do you mean?

Capone: It all started with my childhood.

Me: (More confident) Can you explain?

Capone: Well I lived in New York City for me poor New York City and I lived near a marine training station so there was some action were I lived.

Me: Continue (scribbling on note pad).

Capone: I was a good student in school but I was expelled for hitting on a female teacher.

Me: Uhmm uhmm (still scribbling)

Capone: And then a gangster Johnny Torrio found me and so my life of crime started.......

Me: Then what?

Capone: Wait.... why am I telling you my life now scram before I get to three!

Me: ZOOM! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!