Wildlife Biologists

Aimee Skar 3rd hour Science

Career Overview

-Wildlife Biologists learn about animals

-Study the populations,habitats of wildlife

-work outdoors in all kinds of weather and need to travel long distances

What do you need to do to succeed in this career

Good classes to take in high school are: Physiology,Chemistry

As far as college,I would need: Zoology/Animal Biology

Cost of Education

What is tuition per year?

University of Wisconsin : $10,415.76 per year

How much will your total tuition be for however long it takes you to get your degree


Grand total for going to college

Housing for amount of time in college= $18,000

Food/groceries for the amount of time be in college=$10,800

Gas money for traveling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college=$7,200

Clothing money for time at college=$3,600

Total tuition for total time at college =$39,600

Grand total cost of going to college=$39,600

Do you think you will need to apply for loans,financial aid, and/or scholarships?


Do you think you will need to at least get a part-time job to help with costs?


Do you feel this is a career you may want to pursue in the future?


Associations/Professional Organizations of this Career

1. U.S. Geological Survey

2. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service



2. www.wisc.edu

3. www.geosociety.org