Those of the Gray Winds

By:Paul A. Johnsgard

Smore by: Paige Mestl

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How the author uses fiction to tell about cranes

The author uses fiction to tell about the cranes in multiple ways. One of the ways is that in the story with the little girl, that took the crane into the house. The reason is is that the crane in the story is migrating. Which all of the sandhill cranes actually do every year. A second way is that when they nest, one of the parents watches the nest while the other is a little ways away looking out for predators. Which in the book happens when they migrate to the north in Alaska.


Those of the Gray Wind

~ The cranes migrate from down south to upper Alaska and places in Canada


~ The cranes also migrate from the south to places in Alaska and Canada and other places up north


Those of the Gray Wind

~ While the birds are nesting up in Alaska one of the adult cranes sits on the nest while the other is a little ways away protecting the nest

~ The mother and father cranes, take turns watching over the nest


~ The cranes also protect and watch their cranes the same way as in the book

Habitats and Food


~ The cranes eat corn and other small animals while they come through Nebraska in order to fatten up for their trip north to nest

~ They like to stay in places that have shallow water and large bodies of water so they can stand in the water at night and hear if a predator is coming

Those of the Gray Winds

~In the book the cranes ate the same foods and stayed in the same places

Our trip to Rowe Sanctuary

While we were at Rowe Sanctuary, we got to learn about the cranes and watch them in their natural environment. It helped my knowledge because after watching the cranes wake up and leave you understood more what it was like on the Platte River, in the mornings while the cranes were there. Also the guide that we had told good stories that gave us more knowledge about the cranes.