Multiplication with Fractions!

The Fearless: Karli, Alli, Lily, Alyssa, Taylor, and Alex!


You already know how to multiply fractions the original way. In this passage, you will be learning how to scale and use other ways to find the answers to a problem like 3 4/5 times 4 6/9! Good Luck! : )

Let's start off with scaling!


Scaling is when you multiply by a number or in this case a fraction to make an original sized object bigger or smaller. For example, the square below!
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Let's move on to......

Multiplying With Bar Models!

When you are multiplying using bars, it allows you to compare someone's original information to someone else's which could be greater or smaller.
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Next up is.....

Solving a problem by multiplying a fraction by a fraction using an area model (Shading)

Using this method, you can solve a problem of multiplying a fraction by a fraction. You create a box and depending on the denominators of the fractions, you will split your box into sections. Depending on the numerator, you will shade in a certain number of boxes. Now it is your turn. Grab some pencils and get to work!
Here is a video for you. Just click the button below!

Next is........

Solving a Multiplication Mixed Problem With a Box

This method is used for solving mixed problems. You create a box and split it into fourths. You then separate all of the numbers and fractions onto the outside of each section of the box. To learn more, watch the video below.--->|
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Thanks for watchcing!

I hope you learned about the exciting different ways to solve a multiplication mixed problem equation. Always HAVE FUN and KEEP PRACTICING!