Koch's Kaleidoscope

2nd Grade Spectrum

Off to a Great Start!

We are off to a good start in second grade. Most of us were together in first grade, but we welcomed Lucy M. to our group! She moved to Timothy from Chase Street. We started out by learning a little about hot air balloons, initiated by working to put together a hot air balloon puzzle. By brainstorming everything we knew about hot air balloons and about ourselves we were able to create analogies. "I am like a hot air balloon because ______." Next, we compared the act of "learning" to hot air balloons. Here is some of what we came up with....

  • Learning is like a hot air balloon because they take you to another place. -Megan
  • Learning is like a hot air balloon because they both are peaceful. -Thomas B.
  • Learning is like a hot air balloon because it can take you far. - Rob
  • Learning is like a hot air balloon because you can see the highest grades you can get. -Elana

We also made word clouds about ourselves, and used an app called Word Photo on some iPads, to create pictures of ourselves covered with words. I'll be sending those home for you to see.

Currently, we are focusing on the research process. As most of you know from your child's take home project, second graders study the geography of Georgia, specifically major rivers and regions. We all are taking one and learning about it further by using books and the Internet to help us find more information.

Our creativity focus right now is on Creative Fluency.

"Fluency is all about generating a lot of different ideas. It is a valuable skill to practice because when you have many different ideas you have more options and are therefore more likely to find more viable solutions to your problem. In addition, often one idea lead to another, so by generating many ideas, you are allowing that process to flow naturally." -Rachel Lynette http://www.minds-in-bloom.com/

Ways to Practice - Generate as many ideas as possible about uses for a common object, such as a pencil or ruler.

Generate lots of questions on a given topic. Generate as many ideas as possible for a classroom party.


Place Value and Facts

We have been studying Place Value to the hundreds place (Sometimes we sneak further). Students should be able to tell you the difference between the place of a digit and the value of a digit in any given number. They also are able to write numbers in different ways - standard form, expanded form, and word form (although we're definitely still working on spelling!). We've begun having Number Talks at the beginning of class, in which we solve problems in our head and discuss our strategies with each other in an effort to develop number sense! Here is a Google Slides presentation we made as a group in math. Each student was assigned a slide and had to define the term and show an example. Sometimes, we got distracted by all the awesome ways we can draw and decorate on a slide, but that's ok because that was part of the learning process as well!