Perseverance News Letter

By: Matthew Bednarz

Definition of Perseverance

Perseverance is when you don't give up and when thing keep getting hard and you keep failing you need to keep trying until you get it right.

Louis Zamparini

Louis Zamparini was an Olympic runner and competed in the 1936 Olympics in Nazi occupied Berlin. He joined the air force after the Olympics during WWII. Louis was a pilot and they had to rescue a stranded person but they had to use the parts plane. They were on their way until the engines failed and crash landed in the ocean. There were 3 who made it out of the plane, Louis and his 2 close friends. They were stranded for months and by now one of his friend has died. The last two where finally rescued but it was not the US it was there enemy Japan. They were the victims of war camps and near execution. One time he was punched in the face by everyone in the camp and others he was beat with a stick. In the end he was realized and he was able to go to the Olympics in Japan but they were cancelled, so he did when he was 80 years old. The Japanese let him run the torch. He also went to forgive the guards of what they did to him and that takes guts. Louis persevered in so many ways through the 1940s to get to where he was. Sadly he died in 2014.

Gerda Weissmann Klien

Gerda Wiessmann Klien is a Holocaust survivor and a person who has triumphed a lot over the years. She lost her family here friend even here things and home when the war started. she was taken to Waskowitz, a Nazi work camp. The Nazi's made here work in a shop for hours on end to survive. Towards the end of the war she marched the Death March to Austria and survived. she was soon liberated by the Americans and the man who rescued her soon married her and she has a book about the vivid memories of the war and it is called "All but My Life".
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Andes Plane Crash Survivors

This is about the triumph of the Andes Plane Crash survivors and how they persevered
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Gerda and Louis Venn Diagram

This is about the triumph and sorrow of Gerda and Louis in WWII

Donner Party and the road to the West

The Donner Party and how they made it to California But they had hardships along the way. the Donner's made it there with the exception of getting trapped in the sierras and the lost many people in the party. The party was buried in feet apon feet of snow. they had to resort to cannibalism the group had to keep persevering to survive in the end of the winter. The sent a few men to go help and they ran out of food so they had to eat the other diseased men to survive. they finally got the help they needed to survive but the lost of their loved ones but they did it give up.

Lessons Learned from Perseverence

Thus the lessons learned through perseverance are tremendous and undeniable. the following people have had to go through tough times and had to persevere to make these times do, Gerda Weissman Klein, Louis Zampirini, the Donner Party, and the Andes Plane Crash Survivors. All of this has thought me alot on perseverance and how to make it through.