Digestive and Excretory Systems

Orgin and Cause of the Disease

Diarrhea can be cause by parasites from IBD(inflammatory bowel disease). There are bacterial cause which are tiny bugs that make their way into raw meats, eggs, shellfish, and unpasteurized milk. There are viral causes of diarrhea which are transferred from unwashed hands, sharing of drinks, utensils, and contaminated food that provide passage to your stomach.

Body System and Description

Diarrhea is the condition of having at least three loose or liquid bowel movements each day. It lasts about 3 days and can cause dehydration due to fluid loss. It is connected to the digestive and the excretory system. Diarrhea is a condition that is related to these systems. They are connected because the parasitic that enter the digestive system can cause the diarrhea and excretory is affects because of the loose bowel movements that are released.

Treatment and Prevention

Ways to treat diarrhea is to help with dehydration of your body. It is important that your drink selected sport drinks that contain sugar and salt that can be absorbed into your body. Also constantly drink fluids like clear broth and water. Also avoid drinks that could affect your symptoms like caffeine and alcohol and drinks full of sugar like kool-aid. Ways to prevent diarrhea are to avoid being around other that are sick and aiding them also have everyone in your house to wash their hands. Also be sure to practice safe food-handling. Not eating raw meats and use care while preparing and rinse fruits and vegetables, drink pasteurized milk. These are ways to treat and prevent diarrhea


The digestive system begins at the intake of food. Then is goes to the stomach through the large and small intestine. This is how the body absorbs the nutrition from food. That is broken down which is sent to the kidneys through the blood, which being s the work in the excretory system. After the kidneys have filtered out the liquid waste it goes to the bladder and is disposed of through the urine. These two systems can be often put together because of how these systems work together. The digestive breaks down the food the body needs and then the excretory gets rid of all of the waste. The organs that make up these systems are connected through the process they preform.

5 Point Quiz

1. What are some common symptoms?

A.) Headaches

B.) Fatigue

C.) Stomach Pains and Cramps

D.) Feeling Energized

2. What are some common causes of diarrhea? (Circle all that apply)

A.) Food Allergies

B.) Bacteria and Parasites

C.) Stomach Flu

D.) High Blood Sugar

3. What is an organ in the Excretory System?

A.) Spinal Cords

B.) Brain

C.) Small Intestine

D.) Kidney

4. What is an organ in the Digestive System?

A.) Liver

B.) Kidney

C.) Hamstring

D.) Lens

5. What are some ways to treat diarrhea?

A.) Lots of Fluid

B.) Drinking Caffeine

C.) Eating Raw Meats

D.) Eating lots of Salt