Freshy simply bangles

Simply but chic bangle with the design

Simple bangles

Simply Bangle

Thai sophisticated designers team of have high intention and proudly present the simplistic, unique fashion design, and variety styles of bangles with extreme premium quality. This simply but chic bangle with the design of plain gold alternate with matte gold. It can be extended by the elastic ; therefore, it can be adjusted to suit with the both left and right wrist.

Surely, this artistic bangle supports you be more distinguished to every place you appear. You will be trendy, modern from our products. Trust us !!

Color Available : Gold

Occasion : Casual Day, Official Day, Unofficial Day

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About us :, the top class and high quality of lady fashion accessories, which you can find many styles of your interested items to match with your character, or occasions either official day or relax day. strives to improve and create more and more designs to meet with customers’ needs and wants, ensuring product quality along with fashion trends because women and accessories are things that go together pretty well. has created by Thai-experienced designer, and all material totally made in Thailand. Therefore, you can trust on our team work and quality of products.