Mon Voyage À Washington D.C.

Roshna Ragunathan B2

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Mots Nouveaux

L'armée de l'air: Air Force

Presque: almost

Le premier ministre: the Prime Minister

Hélicoptère: helicopter

Déçu: Disappointed

La premier dame: the First Lady

Pierreries: Gems

Le cour de nourriture: Food court

Le porte-clés: Key chain

Le boule à neige: Snow globe

Doigts: Fingers

Sale: Dirty

Le lingette humide: Wet wipe

Le boîte de biscuits: Cookie box

Sens dessus dessous: Upside down

Hors: Out

Le meilleur: the best

Limité: Limited


1. Did this trip help you understand your own culture better? How?

This trip helped me understand my own culture better. The American History museum reflected our culture. It included how America came to be all the way to American pop culture. Also, all the monuments gave a deeper understanding of our culture. It made you realize their sacrifices and their hard work they put into America to make it what it is today.

2. In your opinion, is D.C. one of the 10 places in the world that one

should visit? Why?

In my opinion, D.C. is not one of the 10 places in the world that one should visit. First of all, this list would be different for everyone depending on who they are. People from different parts of the world value and like different things. According to me, there are a lot more places in this world that will give me a bigger outlook on life than D.C. However, for someone in another country who doesn’t know a lot about America, D.C. might be their dream place to visit. In class, we learn about american history. We learn about the same things in the museums in D.C. On the other hand, if you go somewhere else in the world, you can learn a lot more stuff you didn’t know.