Staff Meeting January 17th 8:00am

Our meeting will be in Tracy's room

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Proposed Agenda:

Information Sharing:

Beginning of Day:

We are asking that teachers please work as a divisional group so that at least one teacher is at the students' door in the morning to open it when the bell rings and monitor their entrance. The goal is to have classes entering (and using the staircases) in an orderly fashion under teacher supervision. Thank you for helping with this.

End of the Day:

Thank you for keeping students in their classrooms (or Discovery rooms) until the final bell. With our 2nd floor students safely leaving the building in a staggered exit, our kinders and primary students are able to safely go to their buses. This also assists our staff who are on duty during this time. Thank you!

Students at Risk: Profile sharing (Izaya, Isaiah and Rory Monk)

Digging Deeper: SIP & OurSchool results:

-an overview of the OurSchool Survey results

Resources: OverDrive; Diagnostic Tool Kit, Literacy Team Drive

Exploration Time with colleagues:

-Questions to discuss: Please discuss as a group and submit responses HERE

1) SIP goals - how can we make these transparent to students?

2) Our School Survey results - what do the results tell us? How does this align with our SIP?

3)How can we promote kindness all year - strategies/ideas?

4) Ideas for Literacy week: Jan 27-Feb. 1st

-Diagnostic Tool Kit and Language Team Drive

-OverDrive - online library


-marker recycling - coffee cans in class ok?

-big yard open or closed in winter

-Safe schools committee? (one or more Ts needed) - volunteers?

-Kindness Rocks Project

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OverDrive - an LDSB online libary

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Who is reading Your Reports?

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