By, Keegan

What does it do?

WASP-18b makes it's star act older than what it really is and makes it's star transmit no x-rays. WASP-18b also defies the laws of physics because of how close to it's star it is. WASP-18b orbits around it's star in just 24 hours.

Where is it located?

WASP-18b is located in the WASP-18b system next to the WASP-18b star.

What does it look like?

WASP-18b looks like a Jupiter only it is much hotter.

What does finding this change?

WASP-18b should be burned up but, this could change our understandings of orbital dynamics. Scientists say that this planet should already be burned up because it's star is over a billion years old and planets and stars form at the same time. This planet should only be a million years old.

How old is this planet?

This planet is over a billion years old. It should have not existed for over a million years because it would have been pulled towards the star.

Why is the planet here?

One theory that it is here is because we missed some evidence in gravitational force and also in stars. Another is that the planet has not been in it's position for very long.

How was this planet formed?

WASP-18b was formed by a giant gas cloud from the star.

What is in the sky of WASP-18b?

WASP-18b has a lot of diamonds and other gems in it's sky because of it's extreme heat.

What is it's size?

WASP-18b is 10 times the mass of Jupiter.