Knights Of The Sky

Tried, Tested, Transformed

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Hear my Story

Follow me on my life journey and face the problems and hardships that I have faced during and after the war.

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Forging A Nation 1914-1929

The war has caused many developments that helped shape Canada to what it is today. One of the most significant changes were the advancements in technology aerial uses.

Tried, Tested, Transformed

Tried 1914 - 1918

Earlier in my air-force career my work would only be reconnaissance missions to gather info on our enemies. Later on with technological developments we have figured out to mount guns on our planes for aerial battles also known as "dog-fights". Due to the deadliness of this type of fighting, our life expectancy was short.

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Tested 1919 - 1923

After the war ended I expected praise and love from people. When I got home I was told that some WOMAN took my job, I must have missed a lot. Since the woman took my job I had no other income. For the first few years after the war I barely managed to find a job in a clothing factory. During this time nothing much happened except for some big protests I heard about going on in Manitoba.

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Transformed 1924 - 1929

Sometime after the war technology was quickly advancing for planes and more jobs came up The most predominant one and the one that I chose was a cargo plane pilot. Despite the numerous job opportunities some of my friends took a shadier path and decided to import/export illegal alcohol

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