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Our library is here to support staff and students in meeting educational goals. This weekly newsletter will update you on new resources and ideas that are available physically and digitally.

Hour of Code

Thank you so much for participating in The Hour of Code and being flexible. There are opportunities for going Beyond the Hour of Code on code.org if you are interested. Especially for math teachers there are opportunities for problem solving and the lessons are aligned to the Common Core.

National Geographic Young Explorer

National Geographic Young Explorer
Free issues of the magazine are available at the above link.

Big 6 by the Month

January will be Location and Access month. Feel free to start signing up for your time now - why wait ;0 Some ideas include website evaluation, finding books through Destiny and then in the library - scavenger hunt style with QR codes, using non-fiction text features. Give me an idea and what content you are studying and we'll make it work.
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Thanks to a grant from the Perloff Foundation we have 6 Bee-Bots. These are available for teachers to check out and use in classrooms. Students can also use them during recess in the library. Bee-Bots move with programmed "steps". We can create a mat to review material (math facts, vocabulary, sequencing, spelling). Students can review and practice coding and problem solving at the same time.

Digital Citizenship

I would still love to do Digital Citizenship lessons with your students. Doing website evaluation for Big 6 could count as a digital citizenship lessons. I can also do lessons from Common Sense Media and the Digital Citizenship Survival Kit.