Nate Brodie

Million-Dollar Throw By Mike Lupica


Protagonists name: Nate Brodie

Physical Appearance: Athletic, Long brown curly hair, A quarterback, tall, brown eyes

Country: America

Male/Female: Male

Age: 13

Relationship status: Taken

Conflict of the story: Nate has a chance to win 1,000,000 dollars to make a 20 yard throw into a little hole. And his family is counting on him to make the throw because His family is poor

Activity's: Football

Interests: Hanging out with friends and family and playing football

Theme: It takes place where Nate plays football and inside his house

High School/Middle School: Middle School

Name of group: New England Patriots

What they believe in: they believe in a miracle

Name and physical:Abby, Malcolm, Pete. Abby is blind and has long blond hair and tall, Malcolm is short, hes black and has an Afro. Pete is tall and has blue eyes and has brown short hair

First event and who is involved: Is a football game Pete and Nate are involved

Second event and who is involved: Nate gets a chance to win 1,000,000 dollars

Third event and who is involved: Nate wins the contest

Item or place with description:The Brady Ball was one of the most important things ever to him but winning that contest was another important thing.