Ajahnique Chapman


My Important People

Why I want to be a teacher and my best experience with education

When I was younger I can remember playing school with my little sisters and making them do worksheets from my old schoolbooks. I moved around a lot and switched schools often thought my school years. Switching schools sometimes made it hard for me. My sophomore year in high school I had changed schools yet again. But it was this year that I met my favorite teacher. Mrs.Wing my 10th grade Spanish teach was absolutely amazing. She was kind, caring and wanted everyone to learn. She made learning fun and gave me the best educational experience. She made me want to learn. I had always wanted to be a teacher but once I met Mrs.Wing and saw what a difference a teacher can make in a students life, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.

Something Unique: My dogs

What I want to gain from this class

When I was younger I always hated art class. I thought I was never creative or good at drawing. So from this class I would like to learn how I can be a more creative and integrate art into my classroom.

Ajahnique Chapman