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Don Muir

Three years ago, 4000 students left their homes, families and friends to travel from all parts of the world to Ithaca, New York and attend Cornell University. The class of 2015, the sesquicentennial class, was once united on North Campus.

Throughout sophomore and junior years, our class has moved a part: joining various organizations and societies, moving to West Campus and Collegetown, and integrating into the larger Cornell community. As we approach senior year, it is time to bring the Class of 2015 back together!

It is imperative that we have the right leadership in place to reach this goal. Having served as the original Freshman Representative of the Student Assembly, I have been dedicated to our class from day one, and have remained involved throughout sophomore and junior years. As Senior Class President, I will organize events on campus and in Collegetown with the sole purpose of reuniting the Class of 2015.

It’s Time to Bring the Class of 2015 Together!

Executive Vice President

Veronica Dagostino

When I first arrived on campus freshman year and joined Class Council, I knew I had found my purpose at Cornell. Since freshman year I have spearheaded and planned events such as the homecoming t-shirt giveaway, pancakes giveaway, class BBQ, class giveaways, philanthropy events, among others. I have served as Executive Vice President and President of my class devoting time, energy, and passion to make our class the best it could be.

Allow me to continue serving our class through senior year, let’s leave our mark on Cornell.

For more information visit: http://www.VoteVeronica.Org or e-mail me at

Vice President for Promotions

Brandon Pierotti

Hi, my name is Brandon Pierotti, and I am running for Class of 2015 Council Vice President for Promotions. I want to continue to be involved in Class Councils by serving my class through the office of Vice President for Promotions. I am offering my experience to help better our school and class. I have been involved with the Class of 2015 Class Council since our first meeting in August 2011, and I have helped out at all of the events. My experiences this past semester include serving as the Class of 2015 Vice President for Promotions and working as the student director of Cornell Bus Services, a service of Cornell Class Councils. In addition to these qualifications, I am also an Eagle Scout. These experiences provide me with the skills necessary to be the best candidate for Vice President for Promotions you can elect! Please vote for me!

Vice President of Administration

Lena Liu

My name is Lena Liu, and I am a Biology major concentrating in Neurobiology and Behavior in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am running for Class of 2015 Vice President for Administration and have been involved in Class Council since April of my freshman year. I currently hold the same position for the academic year, and I have put a lot of dedication and hard work into my specific duties, which involve recording minutes and attendance at all Class Council meetings, monitoring active and inactive status of all members, and overseeing all Class correspondence. I believe that I have the organizational skills and responsibility necessary for this position, and my previous experience in this role will aid me in doing the best job that I can for the good of our class. The overall goal of Class Council is to promote class unity and foster Class of 2015 pride, and it is my desire to realize these goals while going above and beyond ordinary expectations and taking each voice of our class into consideration. I hope to represent our class in order to provide and supervise meaningful programs and annual events that have significant impact and class outreach.