My Lazy, But Scientific Summer

A lot of science happening all around us all the time

Summer Fun

What I did this summer was mostly me sitting on the computer talking to friend through Skype, which in my opinion is the funnest thing that I did this summer. During the summer I spent time with my family, relatives, and mostly friends, and most of it took place at my home, it was either me talking to friends or it was a pool party with relatives. All of this that I did this summer was possible because school ended for my 7th grade year allowing me to enjoy the time between those two years. You are probably asking why did I spend my summer at home instead of traveling or outside, it's because I thought I would of been a lot of fun to spend my summer with friends and family. My favorite part of the summer was getting to order pizza so often.

Look at me!

Science of it

Most of the science for my computer was that Ben Franklin discovered electricity, Thomas Edison used electricity to create the light bulb, and Charles Babbage invented the computer, this is the whole line of inventions my computer went through to get to this point, and the science of the swimming I did was that Chemicals like chlorine are added to swimming pools to help in keeping microorganisms at good amounts. opposite to natural water bodies, the circulation of water in swimming pools can be pretty slow, considering it gets pumped through both a filter and a heater

I wonder

1. What kind of science in water movement and circulation patterns called, is it really chemistry?

2. What inspired the inventors of the whole line of tech that i listed, to do what they did?

3. What was the first production of electricity ever made?

4. Is there any decedents of the inventors still alive today?

5. What was Ben Franklin thinking when he flew a kite with metal attached to it during a lighting storm?

6. What makes the power supply in computers work, how do they harness that power in the first place?