Classical Conversations of Sheridan

March 2016 Newsletter

CC Sheridan Info Meetings/Open House

Friends, we are near capacity for Foundations for 2016-2017! Talk with Marie, Heather, Tess, or Emily if you know of friends who are still interested in being part of a Classical Conversations community--we will work to accommodate students as we are able. We are in search of 2 large room dividers (15-20 feet across) for next year--it would allow us to accommodate several more students!

Upcoming Information Meetings:

Wednesday, March 30 @ 10:30 AM at the Carmel Clay Public Library in the Children's Area

Wednesday, March 30 @ 4:00 PM at the Lebanon Public Library in the Children's Area

Open House:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

End-of-Year Celebration May 13 @ 6 PM!

Greetings, friends! Our end-of-year celebration is just around the corner on Friday, May 13 at 6 PM! I cannot wait to celebrate the accomplishments of our stellar CC Sheridan Students at this fun event. Several planning elements are underway for this celebration, including:

Indiana Statehouse Tour

Friday, April 8th, 12:30pm

Indiana State Capitol, Indianapolis, IN, United States

Indianapolis, IN

Thanks to Nicole Weaver for arranging for our tour of the Indiana State House on this 200th Anniversary of our fine state! If you have not RSVP'd, please let Nicole know you will be attending: or 765-258-3710. You will have a tour filled with State history, our building’s history and interesting facts and stories about the State House. Executive, Legislative, Judicial...we’ve got it covered! If you would like to preview the tour before your visit or review after you have been here, visit:

  • Please be on need to allow some extra time to go through Security with a metal detector (each person has packages and purses inspected-no pocketknives) and if you need bathrooms use them before the tour.
  • Park on the street nearby and enter the State House on Capitol Avenue so that you can enter the east doors.

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Sign Up Now for Stanford 10 Testing!

You may register for Stanford 10 Testing now at! $50 per student until April 17; the price increases thereafter and registration closes April 24. Testing is open to all homeschool students grades 3-12 for testing held on May 17, 18 and 19 from 9 AM until Noon each day. Please contact Becky Thesier, or 317-989-3189, should you wish to volunteer to help or with questions about the test. Please also help us get the word out! See Marie for flyers announcing this testing opportunity.
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Foundations Memory Master Opportunity

Friends, within this next week, please let Heather know whether your student will be participating in Memory Master. A Memory Master is a student who has mastered/memorized all of the material for a given Foundations cycle. Through the Memory Master (MM) track, students are "pounding in" the grammar pegs of history, Latin, English grammar, geography, math, science, and history timeline they learned throughout the year. The Memory Master challenge was designed to encourage excellence in subject grammar memorization and recitation, skills that will serve students well along their educational journey. The Memory Master challenge is a great opportunity--but it is also not for everyone.

So...I wish to encourage parents whose students are participating in Memory Master to approach this challenge with care and understanding of how your students are wired! Some students thrive in competitive ventures; other students do not. Please weigh your student's development stage, age, and "wiring" as you consider this challenge. Remember that the ultimate goal is that students gain a deeper embedding of the memory work for the year--and so participating in MM may help accomplish this. But MM is just one more approach to aid in retention and to provide motivation to some students to dig a bit deeper. If MM isn't for you this year, no worries! It may be worthwhile to have a conversation about it so that students who don't participate still celebrate this year's accomplishments apart from Memory Master and can applaud classmates who do participate. I've included a helpful article about one parent's thoughts on Memory Master as another perspective. Talk to Heather if you have questions!

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Parent Practicum Palooza 2016!!!!!

Whether you plan to stay local or travel this summer, remember to carve out time for your Parent Practicum! This 3-day free workshop provides parents with the 3 Rs needed to see your student(s) through to a successful homeschool year! Rejoice in your accomplishments this year, restore your vision for your homeschool journey, and request help and encouragement from other veteran homeschool parents! We pray for 100% of our registered families to attend Parent Practicum--our goal is to equip parents to successfully homeschool students through high school.

Registration for Practicums throughout Indiana opens this week! Student camps and childcare are available for all ages at the modest price of $42/child for all 3 days: Nursery (ages 3 and under); Play Camp (ages 3-5); Geo/Draw Camp (ages 5-8); History Camp (ages 9-13). Camps do fill up quickly sometimes, so please review the dates/locations and when you receive the email from Classical Conversations announcing that Practicum signups are live, please don't tarry in registering! Potential Foundations tutors who have not yet signed an agreement should register for Foundations training when registering.

If you are able, we would love for as many in our community as possible to attend the May 25-27 Practicum in Frankfort, Indiana, as our community is assisting in hosting this event. Several community members will serve as camp leaders and volunteers, so your students will recognize these lovely parents and feel that much more comfortable in attending!

Welcome to "Navigating History" - Parent Practicum 2016!