The Buzz From Room Two

It's Great to Be Back

It was great to have everyone back at school. We had a fantastic week! Thanks for sending your kids back healthy, happy and ready to learn!

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I was excited to see the students were practicing their skills over break!

Emerson wrote a book titled "The Shy Unicorn." She shared it with the class on Monday.
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I love a story with a happy ending!
Eden and Elayna practiced reading over break so they could share their books with the class!

Spring has Sprung!

Our themes this week and next are Spring and Weather. We've been talking about the changes in the weather and how those changes effect the clothes we choose to wear. In stations each day the kids wrote in their new weather journals, writing the name of the day, choosing two words to describe the weather and completing a picture of what they are wearing.
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When students complete their station early, there are a variety of activities they can do. One is practicing the poems in their sight word poetry books. This helps them read with fluency and expression.

The students also completed and read a rhyming book about the different types of weather.

Our new sound this week!

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I love it when the kids point out the vowel combinations and blends they see as they read!

Our Center Activities This Week

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Don't Miss It!! Coming to Paddock This Month!!

Narnia the Musical Promo - Stuart R. Paddock