Jane Addams

Professional Experience

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  • Established and opened the doors of the Hull House in Chicago on September 18, 1889.
  • Provided several college-leveled courses; training in art, music, and crafts.
Developed national activities on behalf of the underprivileged and facilitated things such as a day nursery, a gymnasium, and a community kitchen, and a club for working women.


  • Graduated from Rockford College 1881: Valedictorian
  • Studied medicine from 1881-1887


  • Chair of Woman’s Peace Party in 1915
  • Founded the American Civil Liberties Union
  • First female president of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections
  • President of the International Congress of Women
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  • Awarded first honorary degree ever awarded to women by Yale University

  • Received the first Nobel Peace Prize for women


  • Ellen Starr- Jane Addams is a very hard-working and outgoing person. She always tries to help others and make sure that if there is something she can do to help, that she will. While opening the doors of the Hull House, Jane was always taking initiative in getting the job done.
  • Susan B. Anthony- While working with Jane Addams, I came to realize how much of a hardworking person she truly is. Jane was always there whenever you needed her and never failed to disappoint. She is one of the people I can always count on and go to for anything big or small.