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In 2009, John Herrholz won the President’s Circle Award while employed by Abbott Laboratories for being top in sales for primary care. This accomplishment is something that John Herrholz is very proud to have won. John Herrholz concentrates on giving the best solutions to his customer day in and day out. John Herrholz has never wavered in his determination to help people feel their best. The respectful way John Herrholz communicate with his clients enables them to feel at ease and know that he has their best interests at heart. John Herrholz is also a family man who enjoys being with his four children: Kailey is age 13, JP is 11, Maura Ann is 10, and Brendan is 8.

John Herrholz

In 2004, John Herrholz graduated from Florida International University with a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Kinesiology. John Herrholz has a background in major and minor league baseball as a pitcher and wanted to continue in the athletic field. As a student, John Herrholz was a dedicated student and worked tirelessly to maintain his good standing as a student. John Herrholz’s drive to succeed propelled him to the admirable goal of graduation. This accomplishment set John Herrholz on a course to fulfill his dreams. Today, John Herrholz enjoys spending time with his four children: Kailey, JP, Maura Ann, and Brendan.

John Herrholz: How to Earn a Promotion in Sales

In the sales industry competition is tough, oftentimes more so than in other fields. John Herrholz explains that when you work on commission, competition will naturally be more pronounced than when a basic salary is earned. Promotions are possible if you have the right strategies, according to John Herrholz.

1. Take initiative: Sitting back and waiting for opportunities to come to you may work in other fields, but in sales there are a limited amount of chances to make money. John Herrholz says that you want to go out and meet those chances head on. Finding new openings is also a good strategy. Not only do you want the commission, but also you are working for that promotion and want the boss to see your ambition.

2. Put yourself out there: Make sure that you are contributing ideas and working for the good of the team. This helps your boss to see you as a good candidate to guide others along in their work. Always be visible and accessible, suggests John Herrholz.

3. Compromise: Be willing to change and go with the flow in the exchange of ideas and responsibilities. According to John Herrholz, change comes about quite frequently in the world of sales and if you cannot adapt then this will be detrimental to your career and any chance of a promotion.

4. Be enthusiastic: Show your passion and excitement for your career. This lets others know that you want to be praomoted and in turn make sales easier. John Herrholz knows that your boss will take into consideration your attitude when thinking about promotions!

John Herrholz likes to keep the tips for earning a promotion basic because they are. Too much thought toward promotion could actually hurt your chances for a promotion because your demeanor and energy are not focused enough on the job. Much as anywhere in life, your attitude and actions speak far louder than your words.

John Herrholz Received Master's in Exercise and Kinesiology

After playing baseball for the Chicago White Sox organization John Herrholz went back to school to attain his master’s degree. Working in baseball and pitching professionally made John Herrholz want to stay close to the field of health and fitness. A willingness to work hard and an ability to commit were traits that John Herrholz had at his disposal. When John Herrholz returned to school he enrolled at Florida International University in Miami. Florida International University is a public research university in Miami-Dade County.

The study of kinesiology relates to the mechanics of the human body, and after playing baseball for most of his life, John Herrholz had some knowledge before joining the program. Tirelessly, John Herrholz studied and researched during his time at the university in order to graduate with extensive knowledge on the human body and how best to keep the body performing at optimum levels. In 2004, John Herrholz received his Master’s of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise.

Now that John Herrholz coaches young baseball professionals in the art of pitching, he can use his master’s degree to help keep the children safe while teaching them accurate pitching techniques. John Herrholz also uses his study in the field of kinesiology to help him with his current career in pharmaceutical sales. John Herrholz has worked for Abbott Laboratories where he earned the award for top sales associate in the southeast three years in a row. At Janssen Pharmaceuticals, John Herrholz’s current place of employment, he was number 1 in sales for his district in 2012, his first year with the company.

The same determination and professionalism that earned him an impressive career in baseball has also given John Herrholz the drive to earn his master’s and make a life while working in the healthcare industry. John Herrholz continues to use his strong work ethic and dedication every day.

John Herrholz Teaches Pitching Tricks to Youngsters

Pitching is John Herrholz’s specialty when it comes to the sport of baseball. John Herrholz was a pitcher for Miami Dade North Community College, and New Orleans University. The Chicago White Sox organization also drafted John Herrholz in 1991. So you could say that John Herrholz has experience pitching. Nowadays, John Herrholz uses these abilities to teach aspiring ball players the techniques he used to become a successful pitcher.

One of the many reasons John Herrholz chooses to teach his style of pitching to these young baseball players is because he feels that some of the finer points of the sport are being lost amid the near-superstar status of current players. John Herrholz’s goal is to impart the idea that making it into the big league takes real dedication and hard work. John Herrholz also wants the players to want to work hard because it will build their sense of self-worth, especially if they accomplish their goals.

Many of the tips John Herrholz teaches his students are specific pitching strategies designed for maximum performance, but then there are other skills he presents. These other concepts also relate to life on and off of the ball field. John Herrholz knows that dealing with stress and managing more than one thing at a time can be tricky. That is why John Herrholz works with the boys to focus on these well-rounded abilities. They translate to so many aspects of life and a more balanced and content life can actually help players perform better on the field.

John Herrholz says that when he was a young player he had coaches and mentors that helped him develop skills to be used on the field and in his regular life that helped him move forward and become more in control of his own life. Now John Herrholz enjoys being able to do that for today’s young hopefuls.

It’s no wonder that John Herrholz is such an inspiring mentor to young people. He has four children of his own: Kailey (13), JP (11), Maura Ann (10), and Brendan (8).

John Herrholz and Pharmaceutical Knowledge

Working in the pharmaceutical industry for many years has enabled John Herrholz to understand the complexities of pharmaceuticals. Many people erroneously believe that these medicines are easy to understand and use. John Herrholz believes that this is why there are so many problems with prescriptions medications and the like in our communities. The science of these prescriptions is actually quite complicated, though. The way one medication reacts with one individual can be quite the opposite in another person, John Herrholz explains. John Herrholz tells us that lack of this knowledge can lead to some very dangerous complications.

John Herrholz has worked for both Abbott Laboratories and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. In his time with these companies, John Herrholz has had the opportunity to work in many different health fields. John Herrholz has worked in internal medicine, otolaryngology, cardiology, obstetrics, and in the pain management specialties. During his time in these areas, John Herrholz learned about the different functions of pharmaceuticals. John Herrholz also gained extensive knowledge in side effects and prescription interactions. These are important features to know when working pharmaceutical sales, John Herrholz believes, because they have a direct effect on the lives of the consumers, which you feel responsible for.

John Herrholz wants to be able to tell his clients the effects and benefits of the prescription medications he sells. It is important to him, because if John Herrholz puts himself in the position of receiving these medicines, he would want to know, "what are the possibilities? Could this have any negative or any unexpected consequences?" Personal health is a subject that is paramount to John Herrholz. John Herrholz wants to make sure that he is taking the health of others as seriously as he takes his own health. When weighing the benefits and disadvantages of anything, knowledge is the best tool according to John Herrholz.

John Herrholz Cares About Children

In this tough world, John Herrholz believes that anything that can be done to give children a more promising life and future should be done. We live in society that focuses on what we have and what can be done for us, and in the process we forget about those who need something from us, John Herrholz feels. It is no wonder, then, when these children do not live up to their full potential. John Herrholz does not understand how a person with heart can go through life and not concern himself or herself with the well-being of others.

Volunteering at Miami Pro Baseball is one way that John Herrholz reaches out to the children in his community. John Herrholz, as a former professional pitcher, teaches these young boys the basic skills one needs to become a successful pitcher. John Herrholz knows that while teaching the children the ins and outs of pitching he is also teaching them skills that they will use for the rest of their lives on and off of the ball field. These ideas that can be used be the boys of the field are the most valuable guidance that you can give them.

Instructing his pitching trainees on how to make quick decisions and remain focused while being aware of what is going on to the sides and in back of them are what really prepares these aspiring ball players for the real world. Yes, John Herrholz believes that the pitching techniques are important too, but they can only be used on the field. The other strategies can be valuable in so many situations in life and that makes them the most fun to teach to the children. John Herrholz had people in his life to set him up with this skill set and he is excited to be able to do that for others as well.

John Herrholz Believes in Focusing on His Clients

In John Herrholz’s sales career he has learned valuable lessons about his clients and himself. One of the most important lessons John Herrholz has learned is to appreciate his clients. Thinking of your customer as just a way to make a sale is almost surely a way to not close the deal, John Herrholz realizes. John Herrholz also says that thinking of them just as a number takes the humanity out of the job, which is possibly the worst thing that you can do. We are all here together and keeping that in mind will make this world a more pleasant place to be, John Herrholz thinks. Following the guidelines that John Herrholz gives will help you keep your work client centered.

• Be aware of customer needs: Really know what your potential customer is looking for; if you try to sell them just anything then they will end up dissatisfied and not return to you, John Herrholz cautions.

• Give Real Information: Concentrate on giving the client the best in-depth information on the product you can. John Herrholz warns that focusing on a sales pitch will leave the customer feeling as though you are only trying to smooth talk them to make the sale. You do not want to just make the sale; rather, it is imperative to your career that the customer is well-informed and makes decisions based on this information.

• Follow Up: Be sure to follow-up with your clients, this instills a confidence in you that cannot be bought. It encourages repeat business and can lead to new word of mouth customers. According to John Herrholz this is a crucial step as it leads to the sustainability of your career.

Using these instructions to keep your sales business focused on the client will help keep you successful for a long time John Herrholz says.

Baseball: John Herrholz’s Favorite Sport

If you were to look into John Herrholz’s past the first thing that you would notice is his baseball background. It is John Herrholz’s favorite sport, after all. All through elementary school, John Herrholz played in his hometown’s little league. John Herrholz spent every summer learning the nuances of a game that would become his passion. John Herrholz enjoys the back and forth of the innings and the steady pace that accompany the game. It isn’t like other games with their frantic pushes and pulls over the ball. Baseball has a calm, subtle thrill that is hard to find in sports, according to John Herrholz.

The position that John Herrholz played was pitcher; he spent years practicing the sophisticated art of striking out batters. To John Herrholz pitching isn’t merely throwing the ball to the catcher, but it is a discriminating task. This task requires deciding how to throw the ball and then being able to pitch in that certain way. It is a talent that few posses, John Herrholz realizes. To many people throwing is a luck of the draw action and they do not have different ways to throw a ball. That is why John Herrholz treasures his talent immensely. John Herrholz does feel as though his pitching ability is a true gift.

When John Herrholz graduated from high school, he signed on to play baseball with an athletic scholarship at Miami Dade North Community College. Two years later, John Herrholz received another scholarship to play ball at New Orleans University. Then out of college, John Herrholz was drafted into the Chicago White Sox organization in 1991. Since John Herrholz had the opportunity to play his favorite sport in college and as a professional he knows how lucky he is. John Herrholz still can’t always believe that he was paid to play his favorite sport.

John Herrholz is a Hard-Worker with Strong Ethics

John Herrholz gives his all everyday, whether it is working at his job selling pharmaceuticals or volunteering at the baseball academy teaching young players how to throw a fantastic pitch. This is not a new trait that John Herrholz has suddenly developed, no; rather, this is something that John Herrholz was born with. When John Herrholz was a young child, he knew he was in love with the game of baseball. John Herrholz would tirelessly practice his pitching and batting skills, repeatedly asking for his father’s help in refining his abilities. All of this hard work would pay off for John Herrholz when he graduated from high school.

In 1987, John Herrholz signed a baseball scholarship with Miami Dade North Community College, where he could be found on the field incessantly sharpening his abilities. John Herrholz would practice with friends, alone at night and any other time he could find.

After his time at Miami Dade North Community College, John Herrholz was awarded an athletic scholarship to the University of New Orleans, which was followed by being drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1991. John Herrholz tirelessly pursued his dream and made it come true.

After baseball John Herrholz still worked hard. John Herrholz received his Master’s Degree in Exercise and Kinesiology from Florida International University in 2004. John Herrholz now works in the pharmaceutical sales industry and has received awards and accolades for high sales totals in his district and nationally.

John Herrholz does not believe he achieved these goals by luck. John Herrholz knows that dedication and respect for himself and others brought him to where he is today. Most people find it surprising that John Herrholz believes that ethics helped him achieve his goals, most expect him to say the opposite, but John Herrholz it is essential to respect others and then you will get respect back. John Herrholz is also the father of four children: Kailey is age 13, JP is 11, Maura Ann is 10, and Brendan is 8.

Top Sales Tips from John Herrholz

As a sales professional, John Herrholz is an expert. John Herrholz has received many awards and accolades in the sales industry. It takes a strong person to work in sales, but with some practice you can train yourself to be a successful salesperson, according to John Herrholz. "Following my tips can help you get the confidence and attitude to transform your career," says John Herrholz.

Trust and believe in yourself: If you go into a sales pitch unsure of what to say to a potential client or seeing the meeting as just a precursor to rejection, then you will fail. John Herrholz says that you must go in sure of what you want to present and confident that they will be sold on you and the product.

Be clear: Use language that your clients will easily be able to follow; rather, treat them as intelligent but do not double talk or use complicated language that masks the main point of your presentation. Potential clients need to know what they are buying, not be fooled by confusing statements.

Believe in the product: What you are trying to sell must be something that you stand behind 100%. Your core beliefs and attitude come across while making a sales pitch, so it is imperative that you are convinced of the products usefulness and quality, discloses John Herrholz.

Enthusiasm is required: There is nothing worse than listening to a salesperson trying to convince you to buy something with a monotone voice and no body expression. Be excited about your product and your client, and the best way to do this, according to John Herrholz, is to care about the product and about your possible client.

These tips can assist you in consistently making sales, while also feeling good about the sales you are making! Feeling good about the sales is just as important as the sales you make, states John Herrholz.