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Year 2 - The week ending March 10, 2023


School Safety/ Crosswalk/ Morning Dropoff

Several of you have reached out recently to share your concerns and feedback about morning drop off and safety at the crosswalk in particular.


Oftentimes we find it helpful to revisit expectations, procedures, and protocols and to revisit the "why" behind what we do. Beginning on Monday, March 20, we will have six cones placed out front (similar to the way that we have cones for pick up). We have noticed recently that OUR students are being dropped off way down the line and then cars are getting out of the line to go around creating a potential safety hazard. Please remain in line until you pull forward to drop off at a cone and do not drop off and pull around creating another line. I understand mornings can be stressful in dropping off students and ensuring that you are getting to where you need to be as well but I assure you - much like afternoon pick up - having a system in place and the expectation for all to follow it, that drop off will be SAFE for everyone.


This past week after receiving more emails about issues with speed and the crosswalk, I went out there to see it for myself. The posted speed limit from 8:30 - 9:00 is 20 mph. While I cannot tell you the exact speed people were going, it was substantially more than 20 and included both cars with our students and others driving through the neighborhood. I have reached out to Officer Lemanske with Basehor PD to express my concerns.

I also want to clarify what the flashing lights mean at the crosswalk. When the button is pushed, yellow caution lights are activated for the crosswalk and red flashing lights are activated for drivers. (See the video below) Regardless of whether or not people are waiting to cross the street, cars are to come to a complete stop. Again, I understand that everyone has places to go in the morning, but all it takes is for one person not paying attention, going too fast, or going through that flashing red for OUR community to experience a tragedy.

PLEASE slow down and put the safety of OUR GRAY HAWKS at the forefront.

Thank you!

Crosswalk at 16000 Garden Parkway
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World Down Syndrome Day - March 21, 2023

Please help us celebrate World Down Day on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. We will share facts about Down Syndrome throughout the day and we want to invite OUR GRAY HAWKS to wear their best mismatched, wild, or funny socks to promote this special day!


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State Assessment Schedule

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Family Engagement Survey Results

Thank youto thosse of you that provided your voice on OUR Title I Family Engagement Survey. We will continue to explore ways to offer Family Engagement opportunities that are being requested. Please check out the results below.

What type of training/programming/information would you like for the district/school to provide?

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What limits your participation in Family Engagement Activities provided by your school?

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Here is a message from Coach Eller:

We have 53 students registered and $3,724 has been raised. So far Coach Eller, Mr. Jacob, and Dr. Springer are getting slimed, and the next one up is Ms. Hubbard at $4,000. We are steadily getting closer to our goal of $6,000 to see Coach Eller and Dr. Springer camp out on the roof of Gray Hawk for a night.

Gray Hawk met the Chief's Challenge at $3,500 which means our school has now been entered in a drawing with other KC area elementary schools for an experience at GEHA Arrowhead with some of the Kansas City Chiefs football team and KC Wolf.

As for the class competition, Mr. Bartels' class is in first place, with Mrs. Stanton's class close behind by only single digits, and in third place is Mrs. Shupe's class.

Have a great Spring Break everyone, and keep on raising awareness for the Kid's Heart Challenge! We have until the Friday we get back from break, March 24th, to keeping raising money for those in need of surgeries and/or heart assistance devices.

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Happy Bottoms Update

The diaper drive is going very well. We surpassed the half way point and have collected over 1,100 diapers. Remember our goal is 2,000 diapers. We are accepting cash or checks as well. If you are writing a check, please make it payable to Gray Hawk with a note on the memo line stating "diapers".

Please remember that a donation of $8 equates to 50 diapers given out to a family in need. Thank you for continuing to support this cause. We will collect throughout the month of March before tallying everything up for the big reveal.

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KINDERGARTEN for 23/24 School YEar

If you have a child that will be attending Kindergarten next year, please fill out the information above so that we can get you registered and information sent out regarding our Kindergarten Round Up events.
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Gray Hawk Neuro-News

I stumbled on to this video series about the brain. It is great for kids (and adults) so I encourage you to check it out with OUR GRAY HAWKS.
A Tour of the Brain! | Self-Regulation Lesson 1
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If you would like to recognize an adult at Gray Hawk, please fill out this brief form to let us know the "who" and the "why" and we will recognize that person with a certificate and recognition each Friday!

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