Lord and Lady Capulet

People should not be inconsiderate

Act 3 Scene 1

"He is a kinsman of the Montague; affection makes him false..." (P. 1050 lines 190-191). This is Lady Capulet talking to the Prince after Benvolio reveals who started the Mercutio/Tybalt/Romeo fight. This is relevant to the theme because Lady Capulet doesn't really know Benvolio and the fact that he tells the truth. Regardless of what the truth is. Lady Capulet only thinks about Tybalt and how he is dead.

Act 3 Scene 4

"O'Thursday let it be,-O'Thursday, tell her, she shall be married to this noble earl." (P. 1061 lines 21-22). This is Lord Capulet telling Lady Capulet to inform Juliet of her wedding day on Thursday in order to make her "happy". This is relevant to the theme because he is thinking about how if Juliet marries Paris, he would then have the prince on his side and not the Montagues, considering Paris is related to the prince. He doesn't investigate why she is sad, just thinks it because of Tybalts death. He doesn't even ask her if she likes Paris.

Act 3 Scene 5

"Therefore, have done. Some grief shows much of love. But much of grief shows some want of wit." (P. 1065 lines 76-78). This is Lady Capulet telling Juliet to stop crying because it makes her look foolish. This is relevant to the theme because Lady Capulet is so inconsiderate about how her own daughter feels. She only cares about how it makes her look stupid, which could make Lady Capulet herself look stupid. Juliet is only a little girl.

Act 3 Scene 5

"Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither. Out, you green-sickness, carrion! Out, you baggage! you tallow-face!" (P. 1068 lines 175-176). This is Lord Capulet yelling to Juliet after she refuses to marry Paris. This is relevant to the theme because he is forcing her to marry Paris even though she doesn't want to, and calling his own child names.

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11 December 2014