Laws of News

By: Julia Vasquez

Monday November 12th, 2012

100% Chance of Newtons

Today is a great day to learn more about Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton is one of the most famous scientists of his time. His began to study gravity after his saw the apple fall out of the tree. Newton began to wonder "what caused the apple to fall out of the tree?" After his studies in gravity, Newton began to study motion. His studies in motion was one of the most famous studies of all time. Newton's studies in motion soon turned into Newton's Laws. Isaac Newton was an ordinary person that wondered how things worked and what caused them to work.

Newton's Law of Force and Motion

Newton's second law is also know as Newton's Law of Force and Acceleration. This law states that an object acted on by an unbalanced force will move in the direction of the unbalanced force. The object's mass will affect the acceleration and direction of the object. Acceleration is a change in direction and speed. You can either accelerate in direction, increase or decrease in speed.

Car Accident

In a car accident you hit your unbalanced force. The unbalanced force can either be another car or an item in the road. When you hit the unbalanced force your car goes in the direction of the unbalanced force. The car can either slown down, speed up or change direction once you hit the unbalanced force. The breaks on the car stops the car but the seat belt stops you from traveling in the previous direction. Without the invention of seat belts you would fly through the windshield. A car accident is a perfect example for Newton's Law of Force and Acceleration.

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