Isaac Newton



  • Went to king's school when he was 12
  • He built water clocks,a mill powered by a mouse, and kites with lanterns in them.
  • Read the Italian mathematician Galileo's book.
  • Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, in England, that was really small and sickly.


  • He discovered gravitational pull
  • He was also the first to propose a set of laws that described the motion of all things in the universe.
  • By tying these discoveries to the work Johannes Kepler and his laws of Planetary motion, he established classic mechanics, the beginning of modern physics.

Interesting Facts

  • When Newton was 45, it's appearance established him as the leading scientists of his time.
  • He owned more books on historical subjects than science
  • Newton discovered the theory after, watching an apple fall off the orchid.

Impact on Today

  • Taking differentiation as the basic operation, he produced simple analytical methods that unified many separate techniques previously developed to solve apparently unrelated problems such as finding areas, tangents, the lengths of curves and the maxima and minima of functions.
  • In mathematics Issac Newton inventions included laying the ground work for differential and integral calculus.
  • Showed how universal gravitation provided an explanation of falling bodies on Earth and of the motions of planets, comets, and other bodies in the heavens.

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