Student Recognition

Info and Link

What Now?

Last year, we started recognizing students for something good. We chose one student per week and entered the information at the link provided below. The following week, that student's name would appear in the cafeteria all week long as being recognized by you for doing something good.

Mr. Mathis would like us to start this again next week.

The Link and Procedures

Anytime throughout the week, when you notice a student doing something that should be recognized, enter the information on the link. If someone else should do something and you feel it supersedes the first person, you may change your entry. Mr. Dial will collect this information and create the slides for cafeteria. Once he does that, your entry cells will be blank, indicating that its time again to repopulate those cells with more students!

Here is the Link: Student Recognition

Thanks for all you do!

Any Questions?

If your name is not on the sheet, or if you have any other questions, feel free to let me know.