Board Meeting Highlights

October 15, 2019 TUHSD Board of Trustees Meeting

9th Grade Math Placement Report

Because 9th grade Math placement is critically important for students' future educational success, SB 359 requires districts to do an annual review. Dr. Taupier's presentation provided data and demographics of 9th grade student placement in Math courses throughout the district. She reviewed the policies and procedures for placement, and pointed out improvements in the number of CSU/UC a-g math completion rates over the past five years. The district goal is for all students to be college ready and to be able to complete college level coursework if they choose college. The Board discussed the ways the District is working toward success in this goal.

Enrollment Projections Review

Dr. Taupier reviewed enrollment growth numbers, which have increased by 35% in the past 11 years. Enrollment is expected to continue to increase through 2020, before dropping down slightly. Enrollment projections inform staffing, which drives the budget, and the projections have been accurate to within 28 students compared to a total District enrollment of about 5,200 students overall. There have been no changes to the budget projections for the next three years, based on this enrollment information. The Board uses this information to plan for a potential parcel tax renewal. The Board heard from a community member urging them to consider using a square footage parcel tax.

Board Self-Evaluation and Governance Handbook

Trustees participated in a survey from CSBA to gauge their effectiveness and to identify areas of growth. The Board used the survey results to discuss how to improve as an effective governance team. They also discussed protocols from the Governance Handbook, and clarified questions from trustees about various topics.

Field Trip and Interdistrict Transfer Policy Revisions

Mr. Elsen reviewed the revisions to the policy on field trips, specifically to Global Studies field trips involving swimming. The board made note that the changes in Board Policy are to protect students and guard against liability.

Dr. Taupier presented revisions to the Interdistrict transfer policy. Limitations on transfers for students living outside of the Tam District are necessary because of enrollment growth. The Board voted unanimously to approve the revisions to both policies.

Open Enrollment Capacity for 2020-21

"Open Enrollment" allows families who live in the Tam District to choose their school of attendance. The number of Open Enrollment transfers for the upcoming school year is set by the Board each year, and a maximum of 50 annual transfers per school has accommodated all requests during the Open Enrollment period in recent years. The Board discussed the possibility of lowering the number of transfers, but agreed that there was not a need to restrict transfers at this time. Dr. Taupier will report back next year if transfers begin to affect staffing.

Upcoming Board Meetings

October 29, 2019: Regular Board Meeting

November 19, 2019: Regular Board Meeting

December 10, 2019: Annual Organizational Meeting

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Tamalpais Union High School District

Superintendent: Tara Taupier, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources: Lars Christensen

Chief Financial Officer: Corbett Elsen

Board members: Leslie Harlander, President; Cynthia Roenisch, Clerk; Karen Loebbaka, Dan Oppenheim, and Kevin Saavedra.