Collaborating for Results, Inc.

Asking for Excellence

Do you dream of schools where

  • "Best shot" instruction from each teacher occurs every day?

  • Students learn all you want them to know?

  • You confirm (and sometimes disprove) your hunches with data?

  • Every student is invited to learn?

  • Learning opportunities beyond the classroom provide an equal chance at learning?

  • Shared leadership increases learning?

We do too. Together, we can put our dreams into action.

What will our steps be?

  • Listen to gain a clear understanding of the current status

  • Collaborate to define what end results are desired

  • Explore the possible strategies that will produce

  • Design the delivery and assessment models

  • work and reflect together for future actions

  • Celebrate successes along the way

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Collaborating for Results, Inc. Consultants

Our experience includes teaching, being site principals, work in curriculum and instruction at the central office, teaching at the university level. We know your frustrations

Judith Barber, Ph.D.

Pat Morgan

Patricia Simons

Kristy Ford

Sara Snodgrass