Digital Day

Life of Brayden Higgins and his electronic addiction

Electronics Engulf my life

I go through the day thinking that I will accomplish a lot with the allotted time given. One thing still stands in my way with exponential success. My iPhone, It’s the machine that I go through with drawls if I don’t have it and could be using it. It’s a machine that will be immortalize in the suburban culture that I live in.

The Internet Can Make You or Break You

In the article we read in class ''The Good and The Bad of the internet'' we watched a video of a kid that goofing off and was not supposed to be released to the public. The video made him who he was but he didn't embrace it for himself and made it out to be a bad thing. I know what the internet can do, as an athlete at Avon I have to think about everything I post because I'm not just representing my school but my team.

The Tracker

In the "AOW" we did on how companies can track you and see what you are up to is an eye opener. I don't like the idea that can invade my privacy. They do it for good measure though in support of our national sercurity.

Device Usage On A Daily Basis

7 A.M. – 11 P.M.

Smart Phone

Texting, Online Social Apps, and Internet.

8 A.M. – 3 P.M.


School Work, Varvee, IHSAA Soccer, and Berecuited.

7 P.M. – 10 P.M.

Xbox Live

GTA, FIFA 14, Friends

This is my electronic use on a daily basis. It is comprized of everything I do on a average day. I use my phone all day. I use it for texting and social networking. I have my labtop which I use in class. On a normal day after soccer and get done with my homework I will get on line and play Xbox with my friends.

My Hotspot Hubs

My Devices

My digital day conclusion.

Electronics and the internet is always going to be around in the world now. Its the way we humans live. I know I'm addicited to my electronics but in a way it makes me feel human knowing that I'm keeping up with the times.In the article we disscused in class "Is The Web Driving us mad" we looked at how people that had over usage of electronics and the internet went crazy. I feel like I will go crazy if im on it to much or to little. I find the balance that is right for me. In a way it makes me feel good and thats why I get on my phone so much. It seems to speed up or slow time, like you are in your own world. I know I waste alot of time with electronics and i have recoded myself being intrupted 167 times while doing this project. what did I gain from it? nothing at all but slowing me down to finish this.